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5 Must Eats in Santiago de Chile 10 Must Visit Places before you die! 5 Must See things in New York
seafood empanadas

5 Must Eats in Santiago de Chile

Santiago de Chile is a foodies dream. It seems that everywhere you look, there is a brand new culinary delight to guzzle upon. Of course, being humans, there is only so much that we are able to eat, especially when it comes to Chile. Mainly because the food here despite being delicious can cause some problems on an uninitiated’s stomach. [...]

lake louise

10 Must Visit Places before you die!

The title might sound a little grim, but hey, we only got one life and there are just so many wonderful and amazing places around the world to see that the TravelMusts team had to put together a nice compilation of Must visit places before you die. Not only landmarks and natural wonders but also museums [...]

west village new york

5 Must See things in New York

Ah, New York… The ‘Big Apple! The place everybody dreams to visit at least once in their lifetime. There is of course plenty of things to do for a tourist who is on his way there, you know the drill. Ground Zero and The Empire State Building are must visits, as well as catching a [...]

Sidney Opera House

5 Must See Things in Sidney

It is no secret that Sydney is one of the most visited capital cities in the world. If you live in Europe or in The U.S. then you should be more than aware that this city is a heaven for backpackers looking for a bit of adventure in their life. For other countries, Sydney in [...]

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Lisbon view

5 Must Know things about Lisbon

Despite being a busy and modern European capital, in Lisbon there is still something that keeps you tied with tradition. If you are planning to visit this  spectacular area you are incredibly lucky! In fact, not only are you going to have a chance to photograph the stunning sceneries, but there is also a bucketload [...]

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A Must Eat lunch in Crete

Summer is coming and we are sure that many of you have already chosen one of the wonderful Greek Islands to roast in the sun. Crete is the biggest of all Greek islands and it has a legendary culinary tradition dating back to ancient Minoan civilization. Nowadays, Cretan food is known to be one of [...]

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Must see airports

3 Must See Airports

As frequent travellers we are used to spend a lot of time on cars, buses, trains, but mostly on airplanes. Who hasn’t had a 5 hours delay and wished they were in a fun, interesting and stimulating place? Well, depending on where you are, this may be your lucky day. More and more airport companies [...]

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Alexanderplats park inn hotel bungee base fly

4 unusual Must Do things in Berlin

Berlin is just fantastic! Nothing in Berlin is older than 70 years, but still the city has a certain splendor of antiquity. After you have visited all 170 museums in Berlin though, you might end up somewhere bored not knowing what to do. Do not fear my friend! Here at TravelMusts we have put together [...]

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must see churches in Rome

3 Must See churches in Rome

There are literally hundreds of churches in Rome! Some of them are known all over the world such as St. Peter’s Basilica, while some of them remain mostly unexplored. If you are more interested in this second kind, you can consider yourself lucky! Around every little corner there is a baroque, gothic or renaissance treasure [...]

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Havana square pigeon must dos in havana

4 Must Dos in Havana

Cuba is a very popular destination in the Caribbean and there are lots of things to do in Havana. From sightseeing to dancing this is the perfect place to let your hair down and enjoy the country at its best. So if you are just about to leave for Cuba make sure not to miss [...]

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stockholm skyline must see in stockholm

3 Must See in Stockholm

Are you soon leaving for Stockholm? Have you packed a nice warm jacket and that hideous lamb wool sweater that you got for Christmas 3 years ago?  Yes? Great, then you are all set to take on your next adventure! Stockholm surely is a very popular and trendy destination and here at TravelMusts we want [...]

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Bombay sandwich must eats in Mumbay

5 Must Eats in Mumbai

Mumbai is the capital city of Maharashtra, and with its 14 million people is the most populous city of India and, of course, one of the top touristic destination of this fabulous land. Anyone who comes back from Mumbai will not find hard to remember its rich culture, its well rooted traditions but also its [...]

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mortadella bologna bread

3 Must Eats in Bologna

Italy… the heaven of food lovers. Italian food tradition dates back thousands of years and has become what we know today through centuries of innovation and dedication. Each and every region has its own set of traditional dishes but today we want to concentrate on one of the cities that has given birth to some [...]

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