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4 unusual Must Do things in Berlin

Berlin is just fantastic! Nothing in Berlin is older than 70 years, but still the city has a certain splendor of antiquity. After you have visited all 170 museums in Berlin though, you might end up somewhere bored not knowing what to do. Do not fear my friend! Here at TravelMusts we have put together a list of unusual must do things in Berlin to keep you active!

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1-    Visit Berlin’s atomic bunkers

Since 1997, the Unterwalten Society has had the mission of opening up Berlin’s hidden undergrounds to the public. For the reasonable price of 10€ the same Society takes you on a one and a half hour tour that follows the traces of the Cold War in the underground of Berlin. After the construction of the Wall, West Germany invested million in creating bunkers and storing goods in case of a nuclear war.  In fact, between 1940 and 1944 more than 1000 bunkers were built in the city of Berlin. Now, some of these bunkers are opened for the public to catch a glimpse of the psychological and physical conditions in which the people of Berlin lived during the Cold War.

atomic bunker berlin

2-    Go for dinner at Unsicht Bar

Are you ready for the ultimate sensorial experience? This place might be right for you! The owners of this restaurant started from the assumption that our most important sense, the sight, is nowadays over stimulated and that our other senses have unwillingly become less important. So the owners of the restaurants thought that to give some rest to our overworked eyes the best idea would be to dine in a pitch dark restaurant. You will be able to taste, smell and even touch the food if you want, but surely you will be not able to see it!!

unsicht bar berlin unusual must d things berlin

 3-    Go and jump off a 125 meters building!

This is not a mean invite! At the Park Inn Hotel am Alexanderplatz you can try a 125-meter drop “base fly”! Once you get on top of the tower, someone will secure you with a special winch rappel system the same used in many stunts. It might look like bungee jumping but it’s not! You are in every moment tight and secure even if you nearly reach free fall speed! So what are you waiting for? Run at the Park Inn Hotel and then jump off of it! This experience surely represents one of the best unusual must do things in Berlin!

Alexanderplats park inn hotel bungee base fly

 4-    Drop by the Absinth Depot

Absinth is some very powerful alcoholic drink. It was used in ancient times as aphrodisiac and for its digestive powers. For a long time absinth was outlawed due to its “visionary” powers, but now it’s making its way back in Berlin. Offering more than 130 varieties, Absinth Depot is the perfect place to shop if you are very thirsty! If you want to develop an interest or just know a little more, Absinth Depot organizes tastings every month or so!

absinth depot berlin 4 unusual must do things in berlin

After all those museums we hope that you had the time to unwind and enjoy these 5 unusual must do things in Berlin!

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  1. Agness says:

    I’ve been to Berlin so many times, but I never thought of going and jumping off a 125 meters building! I definitely wanna try it next time.


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