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4 Must Dos in Havana

Cuba is a very popular destination in the Caribbean and there are lots of things to do in Havana. From sightseeing to dancing this is the perfect place to let your hair down and enjoy the country at its best. So if you are just about to leave for Cuba make sure not to miss these four must dos in Havana,

Walk along the Malecon

Malecon must dos in Havana

This is Havana’s longest promenade and it runs by the seas making it an ideal place to have a walk while enjoying the sun, or if you are a fitness freak, I guess you can also enjoy your morning run! Some part of the promenade might look tired or old to some of the visitors, but for me this is what makes it magical. If you are into vintage cars, this is an excellent spot to observe Cuba’s iconic vintage cars that use the Malecon as a parade. Look out for a 1950’s Chevvys or for a 1960′s Corvette. They might look like they have not been repaired by an expert, but hey, they are running!

Dance to the Music

Music band in havana

No matter where you go in Havana, music will always be your travel companion whether coming for a bar or from someone practicing from a balcony. Havana is  home to the famous Buena Vista Social Club and it’s also the birthplace of salsa. One of the great things about Havana is just going into a bar and hearing some of the best jazz around and the energy is phenomenal. A visit here is sure to get your toes tapping and there are some places in Havana that teach dance steps. Definitely one of the best must dos in Havana.

Visit the Museum of the Revolution

museo de la revolucion must dos in Havana

For a really interesting insight into this fascinating city the Museo de la Revolucion is certainly one of the must dos in Havana. This museum has on display a fascinating collection of items  that belonged or are related to Che Guevara and Fidel Castro and is for sure well worth a visit. The Art Museum in Havana is also full of interesting galleries and another one to consider when spending a day or two in Havana.

Go to the Markets

Havana market

Havana has a wonderful craft market full of paintings and other hand -made items. It is a great place to go to look for gifts and to talk to the artists themselves about their work. Wood carvings, items made from recycled material, jewellery and much more are all there on display and it is fun to explore.

Cuba is a really interesting and very friendly country. It is very different to other places in the Caribbean with its own unique style. So sip a mojito, arm yourself with a few words of Spanish, grab you dance shoes and soak up the atmosphere of this beautiful nation and don’t miss these 4 must dos in Havana!

Havana square pigeon must dos in havana

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